"There are mor stars in the sky than there are grains on Earth."

"Dort sind mehr Sterne am Himmel, als Körner von Sand auf der Erde."
That is a telescopic image of another galaxy. It is so bright that we cannot see any of the planets or stars inside of it individually. The galaxy is so full of stars and light that you could never get a clear image.
Just interesting.
In case you were wondering, this is how big a black hole is. If it were swallow up anything, it would swallow up our galaxy all at once. There is no need to worry about it getting just one planet. It is gigantic.
Caught in Kerala Karnataka border. It had been eating all animals including humans. Total 4 reported and managed to catch only 1. Be careful while traveling in near by jungle here including Oil palm estate.

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Gefangen in Kerala Karnataka. Es hatte alle Tiere, einschließlich Menschen, zu essen. Insgesamt 4 gemeldet und gelang es nur 1. zu fangen, seien sie vorsichtig, während sie in der Nähe von Dschungel hierher reisen, einschließlich Öl.

Bitte, bitte, teilen sie bitte... ( ein kranker Bär)